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Dental Implants in Mississauga

A dental implant is a prosthetic (artificial) tooth that looks, feels, and functions exactly like a natural tooth. Our team is experienced in replacing missing teeth with implants, and perform the procedure right here in our office.


A permanent solution

A dental implant involves surgically anchoring a titanium fixture (or multiple fixtures) into the jaw—so it’s not surprising that it’s considered a permanent solution to missing teeth! There are generally two different ways that dental implants can help—depending on each patient’s unique needs.

Single implants

A single implant is typically recommended if you’re missing just one or two teeth. In this case, a single artificial tooth (the restoration), is bonded to a titanium root placed in your jaw, creating one solid, immovable structure. Not only will it look and feel like a natural tooth, but it will prevent adjacent teeth from shifting—which could affect your bite and ability to speak. You can floss just like normal, and expect your treatment to last 25 years or more.

Implant-supported denture

If you’re missing multiple teeth, this is often a great option. With implant-supported dentures, a number (typically four) of titanium implants are inserted into your jaw. These then act as the anchors to which a denture is attached. Since it’s firmly attached to implants, unlike a regular denture, it will never shift or move while you eat or talk.

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