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Endodontics in Mississauga

Endodnotics is the dental specialty concerned with the treatment of the part of the tooth called the pulp. Endodontic treatment is most commonly known as a root canal.


Root canal treatment

A root canal is a treatment designed to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth rather than removing it. An infection can affect more than a single tooth—it can spread to other tissues surrounding the infected tooth, so treating it is important.

The primary purpose of a root canal is to treat a current infection and prevent a future infection by removing the infected inner tissue—the pulp—of the tooth. The root canal process begins by drilling a small hole in the tooth. After the inside of the tooth is treated—through this hole—the hole is sealed, and we may restore the tooth with a dental crown.

Though quite an invasive treatment, it’s not usually painful because we use a local anesthetic—just like with fillings and similar treatments. You shouldn’t feel a thing.

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